Pizza Pie – Finding the Best that Scottsdale Has to Offer

pizza in ScottsdaleWhen you go to bite into a slice of pie, don’t you want that pizza to taste fresh and get all of the flavor of each of the toppings?  And while I don’t mind left over pizza for breakfast, cause to me that’s delish, cold pizza is reserved for the morning after or a quick snack.

I want my pizza hot from the oven or even cooked on the grill with melted cheese that hangs on to the entire pie as you pull your one slice away.

When looking for pizza pieI want to be able to choose from a variety of pizza styles and with them get the freshest ingredients and pizza dough with great flavor that won’t pull my teeth out when I go to bite into it.

And that’s just touching on the pizza itself.  What about the pizza parlor where you’ll eat?

I like the Italian feel of a pizza restaurant.  Give me the ambiance and atmosphere that brings to mind the memories of Naples where the history of pizza got started.

And how about friendly, yet fast service with a smile?  Where your treated like “familia” rather than just a number representing a part of the day’s revenues.

I wanna a Pizza joint where the beer gets served ice cold and pizza is steaming hot.  Oh, and variety should come with it too.

Sometimes a deep dish pizza will tickle my taste buds, and sometimes a thin crust will just hit the spot.  And the toppings should vary too.  Whether I’m in the mood for a specialty meat lovers with pepperoni and sausage, or Canadian bacon, or maybe veggies with mushroom, bell pepper, black olives and more, I want to have those choices.

And then again, sometimes a plain cheese pizza with fresh mozzarella calls my name when I’m looking for pizza.  If there is a pizzeria that provides those options, that kind of service, and quality of food, that is where I want to be.

And if you love these same features in pizzerias and want to find one like this in Scottsdale Az, then this site is where you can go to find it.

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